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14 Posts on Better Blogging (Plus 9 More)

For the last 14 weeks, I’ve been running a series on blogging. I’ve enjoyed interacting with everyone who’s commented: it’s been fun. I hope you’ve picked up some good ideas to make your blog better. I know I’ve reminded myself of a few things I need to work on.

In case you missed a few of them, here are the fourteen posts:

  1. Eight Reasons Why Every Writer Should Blog
  2. Four Elements of a Successful Blog Post
  3. Why Every Blog Needs a Theme
  4. How Often Do You Post on Your Blog?
  5. How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?
  6. Four Ways to Make Scannable Posts to Attract Readers
  7. Don’t Forget Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Your Blog
  8. Three Tips for Reader Engagement
  9. Does Your Blog Need Pictures?
  10. Make One Point Per Post
  11. Proof then Publish
  12. Blogs and Links: The Art of Helping Readers and Improving SEO
  13. If We Don’t Promote Our Blog, it Doesn’t Matter
  14. Don’t Go Forward Until You Backup

Plus, I recently ran a seven step series on using WordPress for blogging (or a website):

  1. Using WordPress For Your Blog: Two Options to Consider
  2. Getting Started with WordPress
  3. What’s the Difference Between a WordPress Page and Post?
  4. What’s a WordPress Theme?
  5. What’s a Widget and Why Do I Want Them on My WordPress Blog?
  6. What’s the Difference Between a Category and a Tag on Your WordPress Blog?
  7. Essential WordPress Plugins

Lastly, here are two bonus posts from prior years:

  1. Seven Tips to Successful Blogging
  2. Six Reasons Why Your Blog Needs a Reader Profile.

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Author Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, publishes books about business, customer service, the call center industry, and business and writing.

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Peter, this has been an interesting series of posts. Each with ONE really valid point 🙂 Thank you. Small bites are definitely easier to digest than too much at once. I find myself breaking posts into part 2,3, however needed to cover a topic so I don’t overwhelm.

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