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Does Your Blog Need Pictures?

My eighth blogging tip is to include a picture. Really? Then where are they? I’ve never included artwork on my first blog, Musings.

Four reasons why I didn’t include artwork in my posts:

  1. Requires Creativity: Frankly, I seldom have ideas of what picture to include. That’s a problem.
  2. Takes Time: It takes time to find a photo, time I can’t spare. If I had to include an image with each post, I’d have less time to write.
  3. Carries Legal Concerns: To post a photo, we need to have a legal right to use it or have permission to use it. We can’t just do an image search and grab the first thing we find. Some bloggers don’t know this and eventually find themselves in trouble for illegally using copyrighted work. Even sites with unrestricted photos carry so many caveats that I still worry about breaking the law.
  4. Requires Interest: The thought of finding a photo for each post overwhelms me, so much so that I’d probably stop blogging if I had to include one.

Four reasons why we should include artwork with our posts:

  1. Adds Visual Appeal: Having a photo on each post makes it more attractive. Our eyes are drawn to the picture; then we read the text.
  2. Aids in SEO: When posting an image, we can (and should) add information to it. People won’t see this but search engines will. This includes a title, description, and what’s called “alt text.” We can also include a caption (which is visible) and a link to another site or post. These behind-the-scenes elements help search engines find and like our post. This is search engine optimization (SEO).
  3. Scores Big on Social Media: Images are usually automatically included when we promote our post on social media. The picture increases views, especially on Facebook. More social media views, means more clicks, which means more readers.
  4. Increases Opens: For email subscribers, seeing an image in the email (assuming images aren’t blocked) increases the chances of them reading the post.

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