Master’s Thesis: The Telephone Answering Service Industry

Preparing for the Future

WARNING: this book is a master’s thesis (1998) and contains academic research.

It’s made available primarily to aid others who are conducting their own industry research. If this is what you seek, here’s an overview: 

The Telephone Answering Service Industry: Preparing for the Future

The telephone answering service industry is facing uncertainty due to misconceptions, rising costs, and company closures. This book presents extensive research on the industry, including a SWOT analysis and input from industry professionals. It identifies six core items for survival and success: flexibility, customer-focus, management skills, service quality, staffing practices, and employment attractiveness.

The book recommends conducting company-specific SWOT analyses and developing strategic plans, as well as increasing rates, improving sales and marketing efforts, and capitalizing on 24/7 staffing.

Readers must assess their specific circumstances to determine if these strategies are applicable. This book equips industry insiders with valuable insights and recommendations to shape the future of their businesses. By being proactive and prepared, the industry can overcome its challenges and flourish in the ever-changing telecommunications world.

Author and blogger Peter Lyle DeHaan

By Peter Lyle DeHaan

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