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Five Reasons a Writer Should Pursue a Traditional Publishing Deal

The Benefits of Going with a Traditional Publisher

In “Why Self-publishing vs Traditional Publishing Doesn’t Matter” I pointed out that both options have the potential to satisfy the core needs of a writer seeking publication. Writers must carefully consider the pros and cons of each option before pursuing either one. Future posts will consider some of these issues.

To start the discussion, here are five reasons why a writer should go with a traditional publisher:

1. Wider Distribution

Traditional publishers have distribution avenues that are effectively not available to self-published books. Sure, there are work-around solutions, but they’re limited and require much time and effort. Traditional publishers handle the distribution, easy peasy.

2. An Advance

Traditional publishers provide an advance. While the advances are getting smaller, they still exist. Self-publishers never receive an advance. In fact, self-publishing costs money, so it’s like a negative advance.

3. More Prestige

An author of a traditionally published book earns greater respect and garners more esteem.

4. Higher Quality

Traditional publishers generally produce a higher quality product. There are more eyes looking at it to catch errors and make it the best they can.

5. They Do the Heavy Lifting

What about e-books, hardcover and paperback, press releases, cover designs, ISBN, bar codes, back cover material, and author photos? A traditional publisher handles all these items. There’s nothing for the author to master or worry about; traditional publishers make it happen.

Traditional Publisher versus Self-Publishing

Given all this, why would anyone want to self-publish? Next week, we’ll consider why.

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4 replies on “Five Reasons a Writer Should Pursue a Traditional Publishing Deal”

Informative, yet frustrating post. The back story is that most authors have no access to traditional publishers who are often not accepting manuscripts. Moreover, one must obtain a reputable Literary Agent in order to gain access to traditional publishers.

Self-publishing was not my primary choice. It was necessary. After 7-years and 6-days of writing a spiritually mandated manuscript, it would still be sitting on my desk had I not moved forward on my own.

Thank you for your acknowledgement. A someone who commented on the LinkedIn post recommended a literary agent who was interested in the book.

The drawback was that her agency does not accept previously published works – including self-publishing. She want to know about my next book. So, all is not lost.

Again, thank you.

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