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Discover Five Reasons Why Self-Publish Is Ideal

We looked at why a writer might want to pursue a traditional publishing deal. Here are five reasons why self-publishing is ideal for some authors.

1. Have Greater Control

Self-publishing is ideal for authors who more say over their work and the finished product. This can be good, or it can work against them, but either way, they have more control, usually a lot more.

2. Earn More Per Book

Self-published authors can earn more on each book sale, generally several times more. They can also change the price whenever they want to.

3. Faster Publishing

Production of a self-published book is quicker, putting it in the hands of readers faster than a traditional publisher could ever hope to do. This means writers can start selling books sooner and make money quicker.

4. Self-Publishing Is Ideal for Small Niches

If your market is small or hard to reach, traditional publishers will not likely be interested. Self-publishing is ideal for small and undefined markets.

5. Self-Publishing Is Great for Entrepreneurs

Self-publishing is effectively running a small business. Authors with an entrepreneur mindset will enjoy this option, realizing the rewards of hard work.

Given all this, wouldn’t every writer want to self-publish?

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By Peter Lyle DeHaan

Author Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, publishes books about business, customer service, the call center industry, and business and writing.