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Is Your Writing Seasonally Affected?

You may be familiar with SAD, seasonal affective disorder. I have something similar. I call it SAW or seasonal affective writing. In the spring and summer, despite having more distractions to keep me from writing, I also have more energy to write. Though there are days when distractions usurp writing, overall my writing prevails. My output increases. Writing flows.

During winter I encounter fewer distractions, but discouragement is more likely to overtake. I still write every day, but it may not be as much and may require more effort. Motivation wavers and production drops. Though the quality, I believe, is just as good, there is not as much of it.

I suspect everyone has a seasonal aspect to their writing, a time when they write more or better, offset by another time when they write less or not at all. It’s critical we understand our writing cycles to set reasonable expectations for ourselves—and others.

For me, I avoid starting new projects in the fall. My goal is to plod through winter with an intentional focus on existing work, not adding to a schedule that threatens to overwhelm. Conversely, I embrace new assignments and take on extra work in the spring and summer, a time when I know I can complete them with ease.

Some people, like me, write more in the summer. Others write less or may even take a break, a summer vacation if you will. The key is to embrace our seasons of productivity and protect our times of diminishing returns.

Regardless of what your summer writing looks like, may you have a great one!

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By Peter Lyle DeHaan

Author Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, publishes books about business, customer service, the call center industry, and business and writing.

2 replies on “Is Your Writing Seasonally Affected?”

Nice post, Peter, as always!

I do write with the seasons, inspired by all of Nature’s phases.

Spring is always more fertile and playful; a new beginning after the slumber of winter.

Summer in Chicago is kind of dry but in Greece I am inspired by the sea and the mountains, the arts and the history, definitely by the food.

Fall is the time for falling inwards and connecting heart and mind. More aware of my subconscious.Existential and spiritual thoughts fill my journal pages.

Winter offers time for solitude and nurturing. I try to take advantage of it.

My best, Peter!

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