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How to Find an Editor for Your Writing

To find an editor, your best option is to go with a freelancer. There are many qualified professionals available to edit your work. Here are some ways to find them:

Search Online

You can do an online search for editors and wade through the responses. This method is time-consuming.

Ask Other Writers

A better idea is to ask others in the writing community for recommendations. This approach will give you a vetted editor.

But many authors are reluctant to share the names of their publishing team for fear these independent contractors will become too busy with new business to continue to work for that author.

Editor Groups

Another good source is editor associations and groups. They can connect you with a good editor. Sometimes they’ll give you a list, and other times a real person will provide the names of editors who best meet your criteria. 


Find an editor through networking. I’ve made many great contacts at writers’ conferences.

Online Resources

Finally, consider online resources.

  • I’ve used Reedsy to find relevant writing professionals.
  • I’ve also used Fiverr to locate freelancers.
  • Another option is Upwork (the merger of Elance and oDesk). I’ve not used them recently, but I did use eLance several years ago with good results.
  • And though I’ve never used it for this purpose, don’t dismiss LinkedIn.

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