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What are Your Goals as a Writer?

Writing, as with most worthwhile things in life, benefits from a bit of occasional introspection.

Succinctly queried, what are your goals as a writer?

After all, without goals, how will you prod yourself to write and by what measure will your evaluate progress?

Here are some common motivations of writers:

  • To pen something I can share with family and friends.
  • To compose an “heirloom” piece that can be passed on to future generations.
  • To provide a creative outlet for myself.
  • To organize the plethora of thoughts swirling around in my brain.
  • To pursue an enjoyable and worthwhile hobby.
  • To become a published author.
  • To bask in literary acclaim, become popular, and be respected by society.
  • To make lots of money and live a life of ease.

With the exception of the last two items (which are unrealistic and improbable), the rest are worthy and legitimate pursuits. Most are also reflections of my personal ruminations on the subject. However, my overarching purpose in writing is to publish books that will help and encourage others.

Once an overall vision for writing is established, then specific goals need to be developed towards that end. Here are some of my writing goals:

  • To complete my dissertation.
  • To complete the first draft of a biography I am writing.
  • To redo and update my author website.
  • To begin building my platform as a writer.
  • To find an agent who will help me develop my career as a writer and find a publisher for my books.

What are your goals as a writer?

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