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The AWOL Blogger is Back

It’s been two weeks since my last blog and some are wondering what happened.  This is the longest span of non-blog-activity that I have encountered since I began walking down this path.

It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas; I have plenty: from the rabbits in my yard, to Super Bowl ads, to the worst automated-attendant recording I’ve ever encountered, to the packaging on my sandwich, to football.  Then there’s, politics, the healthcare debate, the economy, and unemployment. 

Oh, did I mention I had the flu?  Yep, I’ll blog about that too!  I imagine that really excites you.  Then there are the ideas that got away — the one’s that had a time-sensitive element, whose opportunity has come and gone.

So, if it’s not ideas, is it time?  No, it’s not so much a time issue either — though I have been busy trying to get caught up from the holidays and whatnot.

The real issue is I’ve been doing more writing than normal, rendering the allure of blogging a bit less appealing and more along the lines of work — yuck.

Regardless of that, the reality is that I’ve all these blog ideas spinning around in my mind and the only recourse to free me of them is to release them into the blogosphere.

So, I’m back, I primed, and I’m going to resume blogging — on Monday.

Have a great weekend.

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By Peter Lyle DeHaan

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