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UR Turn: Do You Use Pinterest as Part of Your Author Platform?

Pinterest is a quick way to share images and connect with like-minded people

So far we’ve talked about Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as possible social media platforms for authors. What about Pinterest?

Of the four of them, I’ve done the least amount of work with Pinterest. Maybe that’s because I’m a guy and most Pinterest users are females.

Nevertheless, I do have the beginnings of a Pinterest presence, and it’s growing little by little. I pin my blog graphics and have a board for book covers. Other boards have sayings and offer encouragement. My favorite board has a growing number of church signs, from the humorous to the profound. 

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me on Pinterest and I’ll follow you.

My page is Please share your Pinterest page in the comment section below.

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4 replies on “UR Turn: Do You Use Pinterest as Part of Your Author Platform?”

Patricia, that’s a great question!

And I wish I had a great answer.

I did a google search for “How to use Pinterest” there were over 1 million results.

This one looks pretty helpful:

(BTW, I am now following you on Pinterest! Thanks)

I use Pinterest! I have boards for fun, for posting my blogs, and for keeping pics of topics I am interested in. But, I do have two boards that deal with my books – Awaken Me & God, It’s Me. I also put each blog I write on my Pinterest site. The link to my Pinterest is Check it out.

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