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Hope for the Flowers

By Trina Paulus (Reviewed by Peter DeHaan.)

In addition to all my varied writing functions (writing articles, websites, and blogs, publishing two magazines, and way too much editing) I also write an occasional movie review and book review—just for fun. Here’s one of my recent efforts:

Hope for the Flowers is a delightful allegory encapsulating messages on multiple levels and applicable to all age groups. It is a short book that can be read in about 15 minutes. It is simply yet effectively illustrated by its author Trina Paulus. As such, it can function nicely as a children’s book, as well as a clever and profound teaching tool for adults of all ages.

The story chronicles the life pursuits and relationships of two caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow, searching for meaning and purpose in their existence.  It is about struggle, yearning, single-minded focus, diligence, perseverance, making mistakes, enlightenment, letting go, and ultimately…well, let’s not spoil the ending.

Hope for the Flowers is definitely thought-provoking and contains worthy life lessons showcased in a thoughtful and memorable storyline.

Hope for the Followers has surpassed 2 million copies and celebrated it’s 25 year anniversary.

This book is a great addition to anyone’s library.  Buy two, one to keep and one to give away!

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