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A month ago in my post, “The Rhythm of Writing,” I shared that my wife and I moving would interrupt my writing. My blog posts for the past three Saturdays reflected this, as I provided the starting point and gave you the opportunity to finish my posts by 1) promoting your blog, 2) working on your author bio, and 3) sharing your writing. Now we return to our regular programming.

Today, I’m pleased to say we have moved, albeit to a temporary place, living with family while we await our next home. The transition has been smooth, and the new living arrangements are working out great—to everyone’s delight. I’ve set-up my work office in a spare bedroom and am falling into a comfortable rhythm for my day, except for one thing: my writing.

I can’t do my personal writing in my work office, because the work awaiting my attention sidetracks my creativity. I need a different place to write, a quiet place, one with no distractions and which doesn’t inconvenience anyone else.

I admit I was spoiled at my old house: a separate room for writing, a large desk, dual monitors, and any needed resource within reach. It was a private place, with no distractions and only myself to get in the way. Most writers yearn for such a spot—and I miss mine.

So far I’ve tried the kitchen table, the deck, and am presently in my work office, trying hard not to check email and to forget the papers stacked in my to-do pile. For the next few months, I expect this struggle to continue, but a future solution is in sight. Until then, I’ll enjoy this season as a great adventure, grateful for a wonderful family and a place to live.

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I have lacked a place of my own for quite some time now. In our hostel environment of many residents and comings and going of their friends I have to be up really early and go out to the deck or stick some earbuds on in wheather unbecoming deck writing.
This morning I head to the deck.

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