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Book Review: Every Writer Needs a Tribe

Every Writer Needs a Tribe: A Practical Guide to Finding (and Writing For) Your Audience

By Jeff Goins (reviewed by Peter DeHaan)

Every Writer Needs a Tribe is essential to book for all writers who desire others to read their work. Merely writing a great book is not enough. A writer needs a platform, an audience, a tribe of followers who connect with the writer, understand his or her focus, and are predisposed to read the writer’s work.

Jeff Goins shares how to realize this objective. As promised, it is indeed “a practical guide to finding and writing for your audience.” This is not a theoretical pursuit, but a real world process that is achievable. Jeff explains how he built his tribe, instructing how other writers can do the same thing.

Every Writer Needs a Tribe is a short e-book. It is quick to read and packed full of useful instructions. Containing twenty-three concise chapters, it moves writers through a basic understanding of the need for a platform and the importance of a tribe. At times counter-intuitive, Jeff shares his experience in a straightforward manner that is easy to follow.

Along the way, Jeff shares practical advice about getting permission, building a list, focusing your writing, blogging, writing with a purpose, and many more topics relevant to writers.

Every Writer Needs a Tribe is an essential tool for everyone who wants to be a writer and every writer who wants more readers.

[Every Writer Needs a Tribe: A Practical Guide to Finding (and Writing For) Your Audience, by Jeff Goins. Published by Sterling & Stone, 2012, ASIN: B0086X5Z80, Kindle.]

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