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Don’t Just Think About Writing

River Jordan’s book The Messenger on Magnolia Street (which I highly recommend) is not a book about writing, but one of the secondary characters does flirt with the idea.

Regarding this person, River writes, “She had once thought about writing a book and naming it … To the Pacific and Back Again. But she didn’t. She couldn’t think of another line beside the title and that slowed her down some” (pg 158).

We all know people like this character, those who intend to write a book but never do. They may talk about it, dream about it, or even plan to do it. They may have the title, know the opening line, or even have the plot mapped out in their head. Perhaps they don’t even get that far.

Regardless they never move forward. Maybe their book is no more than an obscure thought or a romantic notion. They talk about writing, but they never do it.

A book that stays in your head is a book that never reaches its potential. Don’t be one of those people.

Just write. That’s the first step to becoming an author.

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By Peter Lyle DeHaan

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