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Book Review: Ditched

Ditched: A Love Story

By Robin Mellom (reviewed by Peter DeHaan)

Justina’s prom didn’t go at all as planned. After tumbling from a moving car just as the morning light emerged, she finds her prom dress ripped and stained, with no memory of what happened, no cellphone to call for help, and no money – sitting in a ditch. Literally ditched. And that new tattoo – please, please be temporary.

A hopeless romantic, Justina had mapped out every detail of how her prom should unfold: the kiss, the song, the dance – the entire evening. Reality turned out quite different, conspiring to keep her from her dream – or did it?

In this delightful romp into the unexpected, Ditched takes readers on a wild ride, weaving in the surprising, twisting and turning at every opportunity. Meeting a cast of colorful characters – true friends, fickle friends, and lovable losers – Ditched is highschool drama at its best – and worst.

Ditched: A Love Story is a young adult novel – and for those young at heart.

[Ditched: A Love Story, by Robin Mellom. Published by Hyperion, 2013, ISBN: 978-1423143512, 288 pages.]

Note: On March 1, 2015, Ditched was updated and re-released as Perfect Kiss.

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