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How to Enhance Your Posts With a “Click To Tweet” Box

Last month I added a new feature to my blog posts. I look for an interesting tweetable phrase relating to my topic and then place it in a box using a large font. It stands out and gets the reader’s attention. It looks like a callout in a magazine. (Magazine publishing is my day job.) In the corner of the box, it says “Click to Tweet.” The goal is to make it easy for people to share the post on Twitter.

I’m happy with the results. It makes the post more visually appealing, and people do click to share it.

One thing, however, has surprised me. Several readers have asked how I did it. They really like it and want to add one to their blog.

I’m pleased to say it is very easy to do. It’s so easy, in fact, that I wonder why I didn’t do it years ago. It is a WordPress plugin called…wait for it…“Click To Tweet.”

It takes seconds to install and setup is quick, with just one setting to configure: your twitter handle.

Here’s how to use it: when writing your post, position your cursor where you want the tweet box to appear, click on the Click To Tweet icon in the toolbar, and enter your tweet. It’s that easy.

With Click To Tweet, I spend about ten seconds more per post, and the result is an effective and professional-looking layout.

In addition to Click To Tweet, a quick search revealed some other options as well:

  • Better Click To Tweet
  • Click To Tweet WordPress Plugin
  • Tweet This
  • Twitter Text Tweet
  • Tweet Prompt Box

I’ve not tried any of these other plugins, but there are possibilities to consider if you want something different than Click to Tweet.

Click to Tweet is a quick way to add value to your blog posts.

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I love the idea! However, I use Blogger from Google not Word Press! Have you heard about how something similar can be done with through Blogger?

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