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The Purpose of Blogging: Discover When and Why to Blog

Blogging is important, but what is the purpose of blogging? Blogging serves two purposes.

The First Purpose of Blogging: To Write Better

First, blogging can help us improve as a writer, train us to meet deadlines, and encourage us to write regularly. Blogging helps us get better as writers—and we all want to do that.

The Second Purpose of Blogging: Platform Building

The second thing is blogging can help us grow our platform, which all publishers want to see, for it helps us sell books. The platform is even more important for indie authors. Of course, there are many platform building strategies, and blogging is just one of them.

When Not to Blog

The important thing is not to blog just because someone tells you to. Blog if you enjoy it (a third benefit), can sustain it, and can realize at least one of the first two benefits.

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By Peter Lyle DeHaan

Author Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD, publishes books about business, customer service, the call center industry, and business and writing.