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I Blog, Therefore I Am: The Blogs of Peter DeHaan

This year, marks my sixth year of blogging, with my original blog, Musings, still online, although I’ve moved it a few times. Lately, however, it hasn’t had much activity, with my focus shifting to my other blogs.

Over the years, Musings has had various taglines; here are the ones I remember:

  • “Peter DeHaan’s Musings.”
  • “The Musings of Peter DeHaan, covering nothing special and everything under the sun.”
  • “The Musings of a Meandering Mind.”
  • “The Musings of Peter DeHaan.”
  • “Peter DeHaan’s Blog.”
  • “The Musings of Peter DeHaan: Sharing a Slice of Life”

Musings have over 500 posts and 100,000 words: enough to fill a book or two. In my spare time, I’m working on a project to take the best of the posts and compile them into a book. When I finish, I’ll let you know.

Today, I’m still blogging as evidenced here in Byline, but Spiritually Speaking is my main blog. Altogether, they account for more than 1,400 posts and a quarter of a million words. That’s a lot of blogging.

René Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.”

With respect to him, I’d like to update that to “I blog, therefore I am.”

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