I Need to Get Smart About Snickers Nougatocity

By Peter Lyle DeHaan, PhD

My bride and I recently watched the movie Get Smart. As a long-time fan of the 60s TV series, I was greatly anticipating this flick—and was not disappointed. There were a good number of subtle tie-ins and allusions to the show, but not so many as to be excessive or alienate new fans.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed the movie. Despite some unnecessary crassness, there were some truly funny parts and on more than one occasion I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard.

Given the movie’s promotion, star power, and success, I fully expected reruns of the TV show to crop up some place—and I was ready to watch—but to my knowledge that hasn’t happened. (Yes, I know that I could just buy the series on DVD.)

Sitting down in our seats at the theater, I have my popcorn and hand my bride her Snickers. On the back it says “Nougatocity.” Apparently, it’s been this way for a while, but we’re in the habit of eating Snickers — not reading the wrapper.

Although Snickers is a registered trademark, nougatocity is not. Being the curious sort, I do some investigating after the movie. First, according to Google, there are over 9,800 mentions of “nougatocity” in cyberspace.  Several entries date to November of 2007, but I did find a blog mention of it two years ago on August 28, 2006, where Arnold Zwicky indicates that the word (along with others) were coined for a Snickers ad campaign.

Next, although doesn’t know what nougatocity is, the Urban Dictionary does. However, their definition is not what I expected.

Of course the Urban Dictionary often contains explanations that are so slang as to be unfathomable. I’m sure that someone, somewhere may have uttered those words in the manner indicated, but I doubt if there are many who do.

To me, it is self-apparent that nougatocity has something to do with gooey goodness packed inside each Snickers bar. By the way, if you’re really into nougatocity, the domain name,, is currently available—but I think I’ll pass.

The main reason I bring this up is that my bride dared me to write a blog about nougatocity.

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By Peter Lyle DeHaan

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